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Cleaning of a boat is a thing of professionals : CLEANING of exteriors, interiors, upholstery , carpets, mattresses, service Laundry and iron .

We combine our experience over 80 years with innovative techniques.

  • 100% high pressure dry steam for upholstery, carpets, toilets ( 100% disinfection)
  • Cleaning with OZONE air and surfaces: Prevents spread of germs between the crew. Elimination of odors, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mites, etc.
  • Preventive protection of surfaces (crystals, textiles, floorings) by means of product primer NANOTECHNOLOGY .
  • Extendable bar with water OSMOTIZADA for outdoor: deck, glass, hull ...
  • IONIZED water (disinfects to 99.99% without chemicals) for general cleaning of interior of the boat.
  • Cleaning of air conditioning systems with previous CCTV inspection


Wide range of cleaning services for your boat :

  • Cleaning of the boat's exterior: Teak, stainless and teak cleaning.
  • Interior cleanings , including disinfection of critical areas (bathrooms, kitchens, hatches, hatches, etc.)
  • Glass cleaning : Decalcification, cleaning and protection of exterior glass.
  • Cleaning of faucets .
  • Cabin ventilation
  • Upholstery Cleaning : Mats, seats and other upholstery.
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Cleaning and sterilizing mattresses .
  • Laundry Services : Dry cleaning and ironing, and textiles, including pick-up and delivery on board.

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