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Magic Cleaning we are experts in carpet cleaning. After 5 years in the sector, we have perfected our techniques in order to obtain better results without damaging the fabric.

Why Carpet Cleaning Is Important

Flashes should always be kept clean and never be kept damp or dirty, because this way they can become victims of molds or moths. This is why we recommend to do a carpet cleaning a year, depending on the dirt.

The first thing we do when we receive a call from a customer for a carpet cleaning is to agree with a date to be able to do the collection, which is totally free. Once we have it, we proceed to our cleaning process where we remove all accumulated dirt. Once cleaned, we proceed to the delivery at the address of the carpet.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Brushed
  • Smooth suction
  • Pre-treatment of stains with neutral products
  • Manual cleaning. Manual in cold water with suitable products
  • Drying with blotting paper
  • Help with mechanical ventilation at the proper temperature of each fiber
  • Dry cleaning with neutral products to eliminate more internal dirt that predisposes to the development of the moth
  • Anti-moth treatment

    In Magic Cleaning we clean from national carpets and all kinds of oriental carpets . We offer our customers the best service in the carpets and tapestries sector. This is what we are endorsing more than 5 years of experience that we have been working on.

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